Are you looking for a solution to expand your construction in the form of an extension, or are you planning to build a superstructure?

If you have decided to expand your business premises or housing, but you are constrained by your land, the ideal solution is to build a superstructure or an extension to the existing building. The problem may occur, if your existing building is not designed for additional load in the form of a superstructure.

The SE-SIP construction system is a solution for superstructures or extensions

The SE-SIP construction system is your ideal solution, since it is designed for the construction of an extension or superstructure. It is a lightweight construction system (8x lighter than a brick construction), so in the case of a superstructure, it will not burden the original structure. The speed of construction will ensure smooth installation, so even if there is your shop in the existing building or someone resides there, it is not necessary to leave the building or close your shop. The robustness of the SE-SIP construction system ensures that the final finishing of the new building is almost indistinguishable from the original one. The thermal insulation properties of the panels will ensure the highest thermal comfort, and at the same time, as it will be a low-energy building, the operating costs will be reduced rapidly.

Your new premises or living space will grow in a very short time without disrupting your business or housing.


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ETA certifikát sipeurope

European Technical Assessment

Certifikát o nemennosti parametrov 1301 sip panel SIPEUROPE

Certificate of constancy of performance 1301

Osvedčenie o zhode sipeurope sip panel

Certificate of compliance

parametre sip panelov sipeurope

Thermal properties of the SIP panels

Tepelno izolačné vlastnosti sip panel sipeurope

Declaration of performance

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BSH certificate

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LSH certificate

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