Design Flexibility and Other Advantages of the SE-SIP Construction System

Current legislation and new market requirements demand increasing attention during the designing and planning of buildings. Higher levels of energy efficiency, prevention of thermal bridges, airtightness of the envelope, environmental aspects and many others pose challenges for many traditional construction systems.

The most innovative architects have always led the way to designing more energy-efficient buildings

Whether you are an architect, a designer of detached houses, a structural engineer, or a designer of larger buildings, new market requirements as well as legislation will push you to design more energy-efficient and intelligent buildings. SIPEUROPE and the SE-SIP construction system can be your solution for designing net zero energy and passive buildings. Our company cooperates with architects and designers on many projects all over Europe. Our extensive experience and practice in making hundreds of buildings will help you find the best way to design a SE-SIP construction system for your project.

Design Flexibility

The SE-SIP construction system is designed for individual and atypical shapes of buildings. The panel structure makes assembling of almost any shape possible. The panels arrive to the site cut to size and are ready for immediate installation according to the installation plan.

No Thermal Bridges

The panel structure of the building, much smaller amount of construction lumber, and the use of “SIP Spline” connections significantly reduce the amount of thermal bridges in the construction. Thanks to using a single SE-SIP construction system, the nightmare of architects is taken care of. They no longer have to consider difficult details in the construction and combinations of different materials.

Airtight Building Envelope

One of the most essential factors of buildings to meet strict standards is the airtight building envelope. Buildings using the SE-SIP construction system achieve the highest scores in the performed “blower door” airtightness tests. They are designed for modern ventilation systems to achieve greater housing comfort.

Variability of Use

SIP panels are produced in four basic thicknesses, which ensures wide range of their uses. We can use them for the construction of perimeter walls, interior loadbearing and non-loadbearing partition walls, foundations of buildings and floors, flat and sloping roofs. The SE-SIP construction system can be used as a single building system for the whole building, or we can combine it with another construction system.

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