Main benefits of housing in a building made of the SE-SIP construction system

Why build using the SE-SIP construction system and what are its advantages? We have a few of them here, but the most important ones are low heating and cooling costs, speed of construction, healthier and more comfortable living, high strength, larger usable area, stable insulation, a certified system with guarantees and the knowledge that your building reduces CO2 production.

Cost Savings

Did you know that 40 to 50% of energy is consumed by your building for heating and cooling? The best way to reduce the consumption of these energies is sufficient thermal insulation and reduction of heat loss. The SE-SIP construction system provides excellent thermal insulation properties. Heating and cooling costs are therefore up to 50% lower than in the case of conventional brick constructions.

Construction Speed

Whether in the form of individual construction or prefabricated houses made of SE-SIP panels, the construction is many times higher than conventional brick constructions, which need countless wet construction methods. The construction made of SE-SIP panels is a dry construction process that can be carried out at any time of year.

Healthier and More Comfortable Living

The airtight construction is ideal for modern ventilation systems that reduce energy costs and increase indoor air quality. The use of heat recovery units thus ensures a constant supply of fresh air to buildings without additional heat loss. Therefore, the air in the building is always fresh and no molds are formed in the buildings, plus allergens are not spread.

High Strength

After the construction of the panel structure, the building system behaves like a monolithic shell, which provides up to 5 times greater static parameters than a conventional timber frame construction. The building made of SE-SIP panels thus provides a robust and solid feeling, which is difficult to distinguish from the traditional construction system.

More Usable Area

Buildings made of SE-SIP panels provide 7-10% more usable area than conventional brick buildings. Users of the building can enjoy a larger and more spacious environment. For development companies that sell m2 of usable area, this percentage increase will generate their profit.

Stable Insulation

The insulating core of the SE-SIP construction system is strong and stable even after decades. It cannot get wet, sag or be poorly installed, as can happen with conventional frame constructions that are demanding on technological processes.

Certifikovaný stavebný systém

SIPEUROPE and the SE-SIP construction system are the holder of the European Technical Assessment ETA 18/0312. The manufacturing process is subject to regular inspection by a certified person. Our company provides a 50-year certified warranty for the construction system.

Environmental Aspects

The SE-SIP construction system is classified as a wooden structure, so the overall process of manufacturing, construction as well as the possibility of recycling materials significantly reduce CO2 production.

Are you planning to build with the SE-SIP construction system?

The SE-SIP construction system consists of a sandwich panel made of two OSB TOP4 boards and an insulating core of EPS or PIR. The construction system also includes structural certified lumber (KVH / BSH) in strength class C24. The SE-SIP construction system is therefore classified among timber buildings, but it significantly outperforms frame constructions.

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